Send us your first Sounds of Toronto

Let’s get started! I would love for you to send me a sound so unique to Toronto that people will be able to recognize it right away. All the better if it’s a sound no one else will think of, but which will blow everyone away the moment they hear it because it’s so obvious, so specific, so Toronto.

Here are ways that you can “capture” your sound:

  • Make an audio recording and upload the mp3 to Soundcloud or YouTube.
  • Record a video and upload it to YouTube.
  • Write a vivid text description of the sound.
  • Take a photograph or make a drawing of the sound and save it in a digital format.

Then, share your sound in one of the following ways:

  • Post it on our Facebook page
  • Share the text or links in the comments section for this post
  • Or send your file in an email to

I look forward to getting your sounds and seeing your comments about one another’s discoveries!!

– Tod

4 thoughts on “Send us your first Sounds of Toronto

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  2. The sounds of Toronto are neighbourhood based
    Depending on what time of day, what part of the nieghbourhood you will hear sounds of Toronto that vary widely

    Neighbourhood: High Park
    Location: Black oak lined residential streets around the Park
    Time of day: 5am – 8:10am in May and June
    Sound: Bird song

    I am not a bird song expert so it Could be a Cardinal, or an Oriole or more likely a Red Winged Blackbird or even another bird..but it is a trill like the piccolo in Peter and athe Wolfe, and it lasts for hours starting around 5 am in May and June and until the sounds of traffic or a lawn-mower or truck finally drown it out, or it rests.

    Check out the sound legend at the Guide to North American Bur Songs and Sounds

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