A TORONTO SYMPHONY Launches “Media Scores” Web App!!

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Welcome to A Toronto Symphony – and welcome back to all of you who have been collaborating with us since we launched the project in mid-June. Starting then, we have been asking, “What does Toronto sound like?”, and you have sent us amazing sounds, harmonies and melodies that represent the city to you. We have also engaged in various activities to shape these sounds together to create a symphony for, by, and about Toronto, for premiere by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra on March 9, 2013.

Now we are entering the home stretch of completing A Toronto Symphony.  Very exciting indeed, and also a moment when I really need your help. The  TSO and I have just launched a brand new web app – called Media Scores, now available on toronto.media.mit.edu/scores – that will make it easy for you to collaborate in the final stages (now through early January) of shaping the composition. It would be wonderful if you’d give it a try and also pass the word along to family and friends.

Media Scores – designed especially for this project by our team at the MIT Media Lab – will allow you to help complete the Finale section (“Toronto Dances”) of the piece, contribute to the accompaniment “texture” of the work’s virtuosic “City Soaring” movement, and experiment with other sections of the composition to build your own unique blend and personalized musical narrative.

Anyone can participate with most flash-enabled web browsers, using Media Score’s intuitive and fun-to-use interface. No previous skill required, just an open mind, a sense of play, and inquisitive ears. Shape what Toronto sounds like today and visit toronto.media.mit.edu/scores. This piece is shaping up to be even more exciting and surprising than I expected, and your participation over the coming month will truly make it “sing.”

Look forward to “hearing” you soon! So let’s get started…..


Tod Machover, Composer/Collaborator – A Toronto Symphony


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