Sounds of Toronto – Nature

We’re in our final week of sound collecting, so don’t procrastinate!

Amid the concrete, machines and urban bustle of the city, Nature’s voice makes itself heard too. Do the cries of birds and hum of insects provide an aural backdrop to your neighborhood? Are there locations marked by a particular way in which the wind whistles or water splashes? Which sounds of Nature need to be part of A Toronto Symphony?

Grab your smartphone, digital camera or recorder and capture the sound. Or describe it in writing using the Comments section. Include the location and time, and we’ll send someone to record the sound. Save your sound/video file and share it on our Facebook page or SoundcloudDeadline: August 10, 2012 – because we will be incorporating your sounds into an exciting activity that takes place August 11-12 at the ALL CAPS! Island Festival. Contact Rachel McDermott <> if you need technical assistance. Thanks!

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