Welcome to A Toronto Symphony

I am thrilled to welcome you to join me in a brand new adventure I am undertaking with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Peter Oundjian over the coming year.

For the TSO’s New Creations Festival next season, I will be creating a new work that will be premiered by the orchestra in Roy Thomson Hall on March 9, 2013. To be called A Toronto Symphony: Concerto for Composer and City, a unique feature of this project is that I can’t create it without you, the citizens of Toronto!

I would like invite you to collaborate with me on the creation and development of this symphony, and to spreading the word to your friends and colleagues to take part as well. The more people who participate, the more likely we will together be able to make a vital musical portrait of Toronto today, and also to propose a new model of how a large community can create something substantial together, a work that is beautiful and sophisticated as well as democratic and inspirational.

Between now and early June, I will be regularly updating this website with information about how we can all work together on this new piece, and we will be launching a series of “Musical Journeys” to try a few different formats about how to send music and musical ideas back and forth.


I hope very much that you will join us for this grand musical adventure. I truly look forward to collaborating with you over the coming year to make something that will be surprising and satisfying to all of us, not least to the audiences who will listen to our finished symphony.

Warm regards,


P.S. For further information about my work and some of the precedents for this project, you might be interested in looking at:

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